Alpha Physics! Book 4 – Albury: A Post Apocalypse Progression Fantasy Available February 13

Author: Alex Kozlowski

In Albury Adrian and his team must face the most terrifying of all enemies. His fellow humans.

Book 4 of Alpha Physics continues Adrian’s journey to get to Melbourne, and he realizes sometimes the only path to success is to do things slower.

He has promised to accept the quest for Jules’ sake but his interface is also adamant that completing the quest is the only way he reaches Melbourne. Not only will he need to find the fortitude to kill he will also need to work out how to complete the quest requirements. Despite everything he has achieved and his own growth, the crime family that has taken over the town of Albury are both stronger and richer than them. They will need to use every trick in the book to defeat them, while knowing that the stakes are real and mistakes have consequences.