Our Sins in Shadows (Coven of Sin Book 2) by Aiden Pierce Available April 30

Author: Aiden Pierce

Not long ago, I made a vow. I’ll never be a victim ever again.

Captured by the enemy working to steal my throne, the Boston Coven thinks these cell bars I’m behind means they’ve won. They believe that I’m just some weak half-blood princess who barely knows how to be human, let alone rule the vampires. And just a few weeks ago, I would have agreed.

But my four vampire princes have taught me that I am strong.

Strong enough to rule the vampire kingdom as its first mortal queen.

Strong enough to claim all four of the Knight progeny as my mates and not only handle their ravenous hunger but revel in it.

They’ve also taught me I’m fragile. Not fragile like other mortals…

I’m fragile like a f*cking bomb.

Dagon Knight and his precious coven will kneel before me as their true queen. Otherwise, I’ll bring this whole damn place down to its foundation, and on the wreckage that remains of my enemies, I’ll dance.