The Rougarou War (A Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz Prequel) by Richard R. Rose Available April 30

Author: Richard R. Rose

Set in Townsend, Tennessee, at the turn of the 20th Century, this prequel to Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz tells the story of the dreaded Rougarou War. This action-packed prequel brings back some of the most beloved characters from Book 1 in their younger years. You will learn the real story of the Rougarou War and the heroic acts of a young Jedidiah Boruff, Robert Cody, and Gary Allen. You probably know these characters as Papaw, Preacher Cody, and Mayor Allen. You probably have other questions that you want to be answered.

How did the Rue family become such trusted allies to the people of Stillwater? How did the Foresters end up in Stillwater in the first place? What happened to Preacher Cody that made him trade the battlefield for the pulpit? What does a story that took place over a hundred years ago have to do with what comes next for our modern-day heroes? The answers to these questions are waiting for you.

Colonel W.B. Townsend has fallen on rough times establishing the Little River Lumber Company due to strange occurrences preventing the construction of his railroad. Detectives William Rue and Johnny Walking-Stick from the Pinkerton Detective Agency are called to find the unknown saboteurs and bring them to justice.

A new threat descends on this small developing town with nefarious plans that may one day threaten the entire world. Will the citizens of Townsend and the Foresters of Stillwater set aside their differences and join forces against the shape-shifting nightmares known as The Rougarou?

This story is a prequel, but it ties up some unanswered questions from Book 1, then ties directly into our modern-day heroes’ next big adventure. If you haven’t read or listened to Book 1, you should start there first. Enjoy this second installment in the Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz Series!