Single Tree (Sequel to The Last Town) by Stephen Knight Available November 14

Author: Stephen Knight

The riveting sequel to the zombie apocalypse thriller, The Last Town

After the fall of Single Tree, billionaire Barry Corbett and his accomplices made a daring escape to the California coastline. They saved themselves…but they’d abandoned over a thousand people, who now cower in fear in fortified buildings as they hide from the legions of the dead that have overrun the fortified settlement. The town of Single Tree is now the province of tens of thousands of walking, hungry corpses.

But Corbett promised he’d be back. Together with Gary Norton and a coterie of retired US Marines and Los Angeles police officers, the escapees from Single Tree have taken over Santa Rosa Island, off the coast of Santa Barbara. As the days grow short and winter draws near, Corbett and his people come up with a daring rescue plan to evacuate the desert town’s remaining residents before the winter snow flies.