A Father’s Shame (The DragonChylde Trials Book Two) by Abigail Anderson Available January 5

Author: Abigail Anderson

When Azura’s heart is broken, her indifference facade is cracked and reveals a vengance no one suspected.

Azura is cool, dispassionate and detached. Some might even call her arrogant and wayward. She does as she pleases, when she pleases and how she pleases. Right now, it pleases her to move from Mother’s loving warmth and find her own path in the world. A chance encounter has some very unexpected consequences, and leads Azura to ask questions she’d never before thought to ask. The answer doesn’t break her heart, it ices over and shatters…

Father’s favourite due to their shared affinity, he attempts to temper his daughter’s vengeful heart but only succeeds in driving her determination for vengeance. When her journey takes her to the lands of man, she must trust Fabius Dann and his son Lennard to guide her in this strange, hostile world.