Scars Can Frighten by Michael Wood Available January 6

Author: Michael Wood

Beneath the cracked roads of a burning town lost to history, an old threat rises from the ashes.

When his best friend is killed in a mysterious vampiric ritual, Zeke Boldan is left to uncover the mysteries behind a rising vampire threat. With a broken weapon and a shattered spirit, Zeke is left with nothing besides the clothes on his back and a vague lead. After he encounters an enthusiastic priest and a reluctant paranormal investigator, they form a necessary partnership which leads them to Pennsylvania while they learn hidden secrets behind Luzerne County’s dark past. Faced with trauma, Zeke is forced to put aside his own personal vendetta for the greater good while forming new friendships along the way. Only he has the experience and understanding to stop the soul of the sinister Blackheart Valentine from returning and rising to power. Time may heal all wounds but the scars beneath the surface are the most frightening.

Michael Wood is a passionate writer from Massachusetts. He aspires to write and create unique worlds from new ideas while following relatable characters who embody thought-provoking themes. This is his debut novel.