Salt and Bone (Creepy Little Nightmares – Book #3) by Alyssa Grimley Available January 6

Author: Alyssa Grimley

Creepy Little Nightmares is an all-age horror series written to be scary enough for adults to enjoy while being appropriate enough for the kids to read. Nightmares for the whole family!

It’s the last summer before high school begins and fourteen-year-old Vivian Vasquez has big plans to do it up right with her friends. Her plans are upended, though, by the news of her estranged grandfather’s death. She and her father must travel from their home in San Antonio to Galveston to claim her grandfather’s estate, Ortiz Manor, and stay there while they sort out affairs. But the longer Vivian spends in this unnerving house, the clearer it becomes that something is not right. Her father begins acting stranger by the day, and she sees things in the darkened halls that she can’t explain. Joined by a duo of precocious siblings she befriends, Vivian must uncover the mystery of this manor and break the hold it has over her family—before it claims her and her father both.