Battlesuit: Nirvana: Solitude by Jonathan Funes Available January 18

Author: Jonathan Funes

Battlesuit: Nirvana. A lone survivor in a now hostile colonized planet by Earth given to them by an allied alien chancellor to further expand Human’s reach in space.

After waking up from an injury, Sgt. Benjamin John Castro is believed to be the last human on AEC 015 (Allied Earth Council), but he isn’t alone as a virus that ran rampant through out the colonies. Ben has to face off against the people he swore to protect and planetary fauna. Sgt Castro isn’t powerless in his fight to survive against the horde of the undead; he pilots a twenty foot bipedal killing machine called Battlesuits, and this one battlesuit stands above all others, it’s name Nirvana, the best suit known for surviving the impossible. A personal customized and prototype battlesuit, that can fight through a land of soldiers on the land, burst through building like a rocket powered bulldozer and has enough fire power to empty a city.