Cracking the Curse : A Paranormal Family Saga Short Read Book 3 by Sharon Michaels Available March 2

Author: Sharon Michaels

Are generations of Snee-Kinsman women actually cursed, or is it just bad luck?

A paranormal family saga beginning in 1860 following one family’s journey of tragedy, resiliency and triumph. Their stories are told in three short read books.

Book 3 – Cracking the Curse – 1992 – to the present – picks up where Book 2 left off

* Two spiteful and competitive witches place a curse on each other’s female children.

* To punish his wayward daughter, an angry father casts the family curse in stone – an emerald stone.

* The ring with the emerald stone is to be worn by the women of the Snee-Kinsman family and passed down from generation to generation.

* Sadly, each woman who wears the ring, succumbs to the power of the curse.

Will the curse ever be broken, or will each generation of Snee-Kinsman women pay the price of a fiery feud between two furious witches?

Mix together a paranormal mystery, an animal spirit guide, a shapeshifting nanny, and several foolish young women and you have the makings of one family’s struggle to battle a vengeful curse created over a boiling caldron.