Tales from the Monoverse : A Last Waltz Anthology by Various Available March 2

Author: Various

From the green of vegetation to the blue of the ocean, and from crimson blood to orange flames, the world that surrounds us is full of countless tints and shades, immeasurable in their variety. And yet… what if that wasn’t true? What if life was like the films of yesteryear, grayscale palettes devoid of hue entirely? How would we react to even a sliver of actual color invading our reality—would it bring out the best, or worst, of our humanity? Last Waltz Publishing is proud to present Tales from the Monoverse, a monochromatic anthology featuring sixteen stories of grayscale worlds, where instances of color are exceedingly rare and beyond priceless. From men to monsters, and from decades long past to the distant future, some of the indie scene’s most imaginative writers examine the impact of color upon a colorless existence.

Containing stories by:

Buzz Parcher

C.L. Vadimsky

Chase Will

Daemon Manx

Danielle Manx

Elizabeth Suggs

Heather Miller

Jack Wells

Jeff Williams

Karen Keeley

Kelly Mintzer

Laurelle Lewis

Makency Hudson

Matt Scott

Morgan Quaid

Thomas West