Ascent From Ash (Silver Talons Guild Book 2) by C.L. Carner Available March 15

Author: C.L. Carner

Long ago, ancient dragons sealed their powers inside magical artifacts to protect dragonkind from going extinct. Years after this event, the descendants of those dragons claimed their powers and gained the ability to shift into their ancient draconic forms. Three of the four set out to change the world and the way humankind viewed them. They formed an alliance and a set of rules that all dragons would live by to peacefully coexist with humanity. The Queen of Ash, Akiri refused to join this alliance; she had other plans. She wanted to produce a clutch of eggs and protect her Kingdom with a thunder of dragons, but when her lair was destroyed, Queen Akiri had to ask the Dragon Alliance for help. There was only one problem with that; bad blood between Akiri and the leader of the Alliance, Sophie Rend, could be the downfall of her Kingdom.