Guy Fawkes: Demon Hunter : A Diabolical Plot by Benjamin Langley Available April 5

Author: Benjamin Langley

It’s time for Guy Fawkes to face his destiny.

Seeking allies to help combat England’s demons, Guy Fawkes fights all over Europe with friends old and new until an encounter with the King of Spain sends him into Africa to interrupt England’s supply of gunpowder. But in Morocco, Guy discovers a dangerous cult, the Children of Mizraim, who plan to corrupt the entire world with a demon plague. Battling against a resurrected nun, black cathedrals rising from the seas, and the Spanish Inquisition, Guy Fawkes travels farther than ever, facing greater dangers, on a path that eventually leads him back to England.

At home, England’s new king, James I, reigns over a population terrified of religious persecution. To end this oppression, Guy Fawkes joins a band of conspirators determined to change the world for the better. Will this explosive plot finally bring an end to England’s demon rule, or will diabolical forces thwart Guy’s plans once and for all?