Tower of Light (The Saga of Ashonn the Slayer Book 2) by Darin Calhoun Available March 15

Author: Darin Calhoun

Ashonn is a bad man who does good deeds for the wrong reasons.

He journeys to the farthest reaches of civilization to vanquish the monstrous creatures conjured by the world of magic. With each strike of his blade, countless minions of darkness fall before him. But even as he becomes a legend in his own right, he is never alone. The death priest Zair and his clever raven Aye Not follow in his wake, tasked with collecting his soul when his inevitable downfall comes, for the evil he has wrought.

In the wilds of Carantania, Ashonn and his unlikely allies must flee from a relentless band of bandits, seeking refuge in the desolate Bleistatter Moor. But the haunted landscape is a living, breathing nightmare—a decaying labyrinth of twisted magic and monstrous horrors that will test their every limit.

As they delve deeper into the Moor, they must confront the rogue wizard who has been cast out of The Arcanum for practicing forbidden magic. Guided by an ancient grimoire, the wizard sets his sights on the Tower of Light, an artifact of untold power that he intends to turn into a weapon capable of destroying a god.