August Underground: Mordum coming soon from Unearthed Films!

The sequel to the cult classic August Underground is a character study in the sick, an amoral putrid masturbatory fantasy. The found footage contained in August Underground’s MORDUM documents extreme deviant sexuality, torture and murder, while unfolding a classic tale of a man and woman in love. However, the woman cannot give up her other lover, who also happens to be her younger brother. Exploiting the trio of killers and their deviant ways with issues such as child abuse, incest, rape and their effects on the human psyche, August Underground’s MORDUM will vomit all over you and leave you for dead!

Run Time: 77 Minutes

Cristie Whiles
Fred Vogel
Michael T. Schneider
Jerami Cruise
‘M.’ Kadath
Erika Schultz
‘E.’ Jay
Midian Crosby
Elmo Painter
Dave Brown
Art Ettinger
Rick Kundrach
Tim Grubjesik
Allana Sleeth
Shelby Jackson
Shannon Thames
Chris Shaw
Mike Schneider

“Through and through you will believe that you are watching a legit home video/snuff film. You will despise the abductors and feel for the victims. You will feel as if you have been put through the wringer just as much as those who are harmed and it’s mostly (if not all) an unpleasant feeling. August Underground’s Mordum, is a brave, effective hard-core horror film. While it’s bound to have as many fans as enemies, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this flick and supporting the fine folks at Toe Tag Pictures – who seem to have a true independent spirit. This film is most certainly not for everyone, so you know who you are.”
Lawrence P. Rafaell, Monsters at Play

“This film is hands down the sickest movie we’ve ever seen, and by far the hardest to watch. It’s not uncommon for most people to turn it off in the first 5 minutes, and even the most hardcore among us had to take several pause breaks in the film to walk away and clear their head of the images they