Elite Of Destiny : Book 3 by Dante Vereen Available April 4

Author: Dante Vereen

A lot of changes have taken place since Alex, Quinn, Daniel, Shane, Zach, and Leo stepped through the portal leading to paradise. Five years have passed and unprecedented anomalies have appeared in the sky with an abundance of mana This phenomenon, for a lot of people, is a huge blessing especially when an announcement has been released; The gateway to paradise will be opened in the next 3 months.

On the run, Alex, Quinn, Daniel, Shane, Zach, and Leo have no choice but to leave one of their own behind as they seek to find out the truth. It turns out there is more to what they were told. With no time to waste, they have to figure out a way to escape from Paradise as they struggle on who to believe.

Successfully returning to Quinn’s world, Aiden has to navigate his newfound abilities while accidentally making new allies on his journey to find Alex. But the journey is not as easy as he thought it would be when they are being hunted down by a group of men dressed in black for unknown reasons.

With allies becoming enemies and enemies becoming foes, they will have to navigate through lies, betrayals and distorted facts as they grapple to discover the real truth. Will they manage to escape? Will they manage to defeat their new foe? And what is up with Paradise being ready to open its gateway soon as it shouldn’t be opened for many years to come? Could there be a nefarious plot brewing in the background to the unawareness of the people?