Puppet Master: The Game | Open Beta on Steam | FREE TO PLAY

Immerse yourself deeper into the Puppet Master universe with October Games’ Puppet Master: The Game, now on OPEN BETA on STEAM! It’s a totally FREE TO PLAY online multiplayer PC game that celebrates the series’ 30 year legacy. Revisit iconic locations and select from a large roster of playable characters from the movies. Play as the Human and steal Andre Toulon’s secrets of reanimation and escape with your life! Play as the Puppets and protect your Master’s secrets at all costs! Sneak up on your prey and unleash a pint-sized siege of terror!

Help support the game’s ongoing development by purchasing the downloadable content inspired by the Full Moon Toys action figure toyline. Discover four amazing skin packs featuring cosmetics, emotes, and weapons for all of your favorite Puppets including Blade & Sixshooter, Pinhead & Leech-Woman, Torch & Jester and Tunneler!

Join the October Games community by becoming a member of their Discord server. There you can talk with the developers, follow the game’s development in real time, and join in on community game nights!

Steam Store Page (Download for FREE!): https://bit.ly/3N2IZoa

Discord Invite: https://bit.ly/3GXpk4T

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