The Elect Stories, #8 : Belief and Understanding, or, The Swordbearer’s Quandry by John Crye Available April 4

Author: John Crye

After the brutal murder of their young page, Father Saren instructed the swordsmen called Palm and Timriel to put aside their lust for vengeance, to wait and watch for signs.

But Palm was already certain. He had marked the only important sign already, and that was the death of a child. Enlisting the aid of the city’s Thief-taker General, Palm tracked the boy’s murderer from a blood-drenched boarding house, to the sewers beneath Bridgetown, to a small apartment in the city, where the Rider called Gelgarth Arbekka had cornered his own long-sought prey.

Closing in on the Devil but separated from Father Saren and the Order of Elsebrin, Palm must choose his own fate.