A Legacy of Violence Vol. 2 Available October 3

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Author: Cullen Bunn

When a serial killer is on the loose in Honduras, a group of Doctors must follow the trail of blood while uncovering ghastly truths from their own pasts.

After the disturbing events witnessed by the doctors in Disante, the masked serial killer continues experimenting on his victims while toying with the well intentioned medical staff. As Dr. Nicholas Shaw continues to wade through his repressed memories and the mystery of Unit 731, one thing becomes increasingly clear; the killer won’t stop and has Dr. Shaw dead in his sights. But why does this killer seem to know so much about Dr. Shaw’s past? And what plans does this killer have for the young doctor?

A Legacy of Violence Volume 2 collects issues 5 – 8 of this 12 issue horror series by Cullen Bunn and Andrea Mutti.


Graphic Novel