Subspecies 1991-2023 | Deluxe Coffin Box

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Director Ted Nicolaou’s Subspecies series stands as the gold standard of Gothic fantasy horror franchises and it’s star, the bloodthirsty Vampire antihero Radu, is one of cinema’s most feared fiends.

Collected here in this deluxe coffin box set you’ll find the entire Subspecies film library on six remastered blu-ray discs, the pulse pounding score for the 1991 original movie on CD, and a limited edition “Tiny Terrors” replica of the evil Radu himself.

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The power of the Bloodstone pulses within. Open the box and enter the world of SUBSPECIES if you dare …

Six Gothic Masterpieces
One Terrifying Soundtrack
EXCLUSIVE “glow in the dark” Radu Tiny Terror