Vampirella Strikes Vol. 1 : Hell on Earth Available May 28

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Author: Tom Sniegoski

Having fulfilled her role of savior in Vengeance, Vampirella is now posed to Strike in an all-new series arising from the post-apocalyptic ashes of Dynamite’s Vengeance of Vampirella series!

It has been 15 years since the death of Mistress Nyx and the world in slowly recovering, but this isn’t a world that we’ve ever seen before. This is a world where the natural, and the supernatural have merged to create a dangerous new place―A world very much in need of Vampirella.

Sepulcher City has become a kind of microcosm of the world, humanity and the myriad monster races living in―not too perfect―harmony. It is a dark place, a violent place, one where a balance must be kept so order will remain.

Vampirella works as a special agent for the Danse Macabre on the most com- plex, and potentially violent of cases. Sepulcher City is where she spends most of her time, but often she is called out of the city, out into the world to deal with similar situations.

Includes issues 1 thru 5


Graphic Novel