Death Ratio’d Available May 29

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Author: Mark Russell

“Death Ratio’d,” the latest one-shot comic by Mark Russell, Laci, and Marko Lesko presents a gripping, satirical vision of the future. When Arnold awakens from his coma into a dystopian future ruled by the merciless hand of social media, he quickly learns that in this new world, popularity isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Garnering likes and upvotes can lead to unparalleled heights of fame and fortune. However, the stakes are lethally high – if your social approval ratio gets too low, one “thumbs down” could mean death, and trigger the bomb collar locked around each citizen’s neck. Arnold, bewildered and running on his last ‘Like,’ must learn to navigate this perilous social landscape, or escape it. “Death Ratio’d” is a darkly comedic exploration of our social media-obsessed society, where the line between virtual approval and real-world survival blurs.


Graphic Novel