Diablo : Legends of the Necromancer : Rathma Available July 16

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Author: Fred Kennedy

Don’t miss this exclusive, original Diablo® graphic novel chronicling the origins of Rathma, founder of the necromancer class, protector of the balance between life and death.

Centuries after Lilith’s banishment, her son, Linarian, has buried his lineage, denying his innate ability to control life and death. But when a ruthless queen shatters his peace and summons him to the ruined citadel of the Firstborn, Linarian must take up the mantle to save Sanctuary from her twisted intentions. As his power grows, a familiar voice calls to him from the darkness, showing him the potential of his talents and the perilous road he must walk to understand them.

From the Diablo® development team and critically acclaimed author-artist duo Fred Kennedy and Adam Gorham comes a compelling, magnificently illustrated new tale. Legends of the Necromancer: Rathma lays bare how the death of innocence can come to define us, or become the catalyst that helps us grow.