Murdervale Available July 30

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Author: Vicente Cifuentes

What if by trying to escape the hell of daily life, you’ve instead actually entered hell?

Victor and Sara are going through a rough spell. Stress from work leads to constant arguments, but when Victor collapses, the couple decides it’s time to go on a vacation—doctor’s orders! With no destination in mind, they get in the car and drive. They encounter a shopkeeper who tells them about a town so remote it isn’t even on the map. When they manage to find it, Victor starts to get the feeling the town isn’t what it seems. Worse yet, Victor’s medication is causing nightmarish hallucinations—but what if they’re real? Now it’s no longer about making sure their relationship survives—it’s about making sure they do!

Collects Murdervale Books #1–#3 (SAF edition)


Graphic Novel