The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn Vol. 1 Available September 10

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Author: Tri Vuong

Follow the misadventures of the world’s greatest paranormal investigator in this unearthly and heartwarming graphic novel, featuring extended artwork and exclusive behind-the-scenes content, from the creator of the popular webcomic The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn.

Oscar Zahn is just like any other paranormal investigator—he’s working hard to make the world a better place, one exorcism at a time. So what if he’s just a floating skull wearing a trench coat? He’s still got a heart of gold!

In this first installment of the online webcomic sensation The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn, join Oscar and his mysterious assistant Agnes as they embark on a terrifying yet heartwarming journey across ethereal realms, rescuing lost souls and solving creepy mysteries. Their travels take them across great distances and even through time, as Oscar sleuths out why the spirits he contends with are restless and malcontent. Yet the more mysteries he solves, the clearer it becomes that there’s a greater game afoot, one that involves Oscar’s own forgotten origin story.

Readers will love this beautifully illustrated paranormal graphic novel from Tri Vuong, the beloved creator of Webtoon’s The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn.

This volume collects episodes 1–65 of the Webtoon comic The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn.



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