Ascent From Ash (Silver Talons Guild Book 2) by C.L. Carner Available March 15

Author: C.L. Carner Long ago, ancient dragons sealed their powers inside magical artifacts to protect dragonkind from going extinct. Years after this event, the descendants of those dragons claimed their powers and gained the ability to shift into their ancient draconic forms. Three of the four set out to change the world and the way […]

Aya’s Blood : Legends of Ayalon, Book 3 by Joseph Fouche Available March 15

Author: Joseph Fouche The Gods are no longer silent. Railus, Silvianna, Korax, and Uleross reveal themselves to their chosen champions, granting them power beyond mere mortals. These champions, chosen from Ayalon’s greatest heroes now go to the final confrontation with the Nameless One’s minions. Are these brave heroes up to the task of freeing their […]

The Breaking of Mona Hill by Christy Aldridge Available March 15

Author: Christy Aldridge Most of her life had been spent against the wall. Pushed against it to be yelled at, abused, backed into corners to keep from escaping. When your entire life was spent against a wall, it wasn’t crazy to begin finding ways to blend into it. To become one with the wallpaper. That’s […]

Containment Room 7 by Bryan Hall Available March 15

Author: Bryan Hall In a far corner of space, orbiting a massive black hole, the research ship DARC12 discovers a strange asteroid—one that seems to be alive. After loading the rock on board for study, the ship quickly descends into madness. It begins with voices, whispers filling the shadows and the minds of the crew. […]

Cosmic Horror by James Donaldson Available March 15

Author: James Donaldson AN OTHERWORLDLY ADVENTURE SPANNING BOTH TIME AND SPACE! Nash, against his will, is violently thrust into an ongoing struggle against mysterious, cosmic forces far beyond his human understanding. Traversing the globe, Nash and his team of unlikely allies race to defeat an evil, supernatural threat they know precious little about. From the […]

Demon Reign (Apocalypse Prophecy Book 1) by DW Sheneman Available March 15

Author: DW Sheneman What can I do when a demon makes me question everything I believe? Marked at birth, I have spent my life in service to the temple, where the Priestess captures and controls demons to keep others safe. Determined to prove myself, I am inexplicably drawn to Dagon, a demonic being so powerful […]

The Eater of Gods by Dan Franklin Available March 15

Author: Dan Franklin Nothing really dies if it’s remembered, his wife had told him. In the dying village of Al Tarfuk, lost among the war-stained dunes of eastern Libya, professor Norman Haas learns the location of the tomb that had been his wife’s life pursuit. The final resting place of Kiya, the lost queen of […]

The Figment by Mary R. Woldering Available March 15

Author: Mary R. Woldering Most of us have had a dream of a perfect partner. What happens when you find your dream is “as real as you want it to be” and not a figment of your imagination? “The Figment” is a story of Jinn Medlin young woman running from a bad romance in the […]

Gaze Long Into The Abyss by Dalan Musson Available March 15

Author: Dalan Musson In Gaze Long Into The Abyss, acclaimed Marvel Studios screenwriter Dalan Musson plunges us into a vivid but desolate world: An apocalypse has snatched away most of humanity; the ragged, remaining few are picking up the pieces. Was it the Rapture as revealed to St. John, or some other calamity of biblical […]