Hand of the Executioner (City of Chains Book 1) by Sebastian Priest Available March 15

Author: Sebastian Priest

Viktor’s life can charitably be referred to as a pile of shit.

As the poor sod forced into being the City of Adelstrad’s chief executioner, he has a lot of enemies. If the criminals aren’t trying to gut him for representing the cruel and insane regime of the incumbent Baron, the nobles are trying to stiff him out of his already pathetic wages and have him starve to death.

Sure, the new Watch Captain is marginally more tolerable than the previous one, but he’s woefully inexperienced when it comes to the seedy inner workings of the most dangerous city in the world, and both the upper and lower crusts have smelt blood in the water.

Whispers of a brewing gang war permeate every breath in Adelstrad, and the smugglers have started to bring something altogether more dangerous than counterfeit goods through the gates. Right now, Viktor will be happy if he can just go a few more weeks without getting a sword stuck in him, never mind getting his boss to agree to a pay increase.