Dead Men Don’t Retire (Spirit of the Law Mysteries) by Lolli Powell Available April 5

Author: Lolli Powell Shelby Wolfe’s life has gotten complicated—two eccentric aunts, too many attractive men, and too many roommates—both living and dead. It’s winter in Goose Lick, and Shelby Wolfe is settling into her new home. Chief Jebediah Carpenter doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to move on, but when Lillian Harris, a local […]

Diabolical Dreamscapes by Leilanie Stewart Available April 5

Author: Leilanie Stewart Reader beware! From the hallucinatory imagination of Leilanie Stewart, author of award-winning ghost horror novel, The Blue Man, comes twenty-one previously published short stories and flash fiction, now entombed between the covers of a new darkly themed collection. In Part 1: Dark and Surreal Tales of Death… …Corpses find new purposes in […]

Guy Fawkes: Demon Hunter : A Diabolical Plot by Benjamin Langley Available April 5

Author: Benjamin Langley It’s time for Guy Fawkes to face his destiny. Seeking allies to help combat England’s demons, Guy Fawkes fights all over Europe with friends old and new until an encounter with the King of Spain sends him into Africa to interrupt England’s supply of gunpowder. But in Morocco, Guy discovers a dangerous […]

Rayne McRae by Jeff Wilson Available April 5

Author: Jeff Wilson Beautiful desolation: Such a lovely place to disappear forever. Rayne McRae is a taut psychological thriller set in the seductive wilderness of British Columbia. With diversified and unforgettable characters, it pulls you into a story that gives a voice to the lost women of the Highway of Tears. There is no exact […]

The Well (Samuel Small Horror Book 3) by Samuel Small Available April 5

Author: Samuel Small For fans of The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror comes a terrifying new novel about a family haunted by the ghosts of their ancestor’s disturbing past. The old well has always terrified Jacob. Even as a boy, he couldn’t go near it without feeling sinister eyes searing into his spine. Now he’s […]

You Can’t Hide : 30 Tales of Terror by Blair Daniels Available April 5

Author: Blair Daniels I found a note I don’t remember writing. It says ‘Don’t look under the bed.’ “ATTENTION SHOPPERS: Please hide at the back of the store immediately.” I created a chatbot. It said some deeply disturbing things. I was in a bus crash with five other passengers. After the crash, there were six. […]