Kong : The Great War #5 Available December 6

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Author: Alex Cox

From the fevered pen of ALEX COX and the master brush of TOMMASO BIANCHI comes a haunting tale of gore and ape-shaped death! In this issue, our heroes finally reach the safety of high ground as they scale the deadly island’s skull-shaped mountain. Safe from Kong (for the moment!), they can see human civilization in the distance. But will the cave in which they have taken refuge prove to be a sanctuary — or a mortuary?!?

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King Kong : The Great War #4 Available October 18

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Author: Alex Cox


Deep in the jungles of Skull Island, the crew of U-184 survives (as best they can) under the constant threat of grisly death, ferocious prehistoric predators, and, never far behind them… KONG! The pressure mounts as they are steadily overtaken by fear, violence, and disease — but hope flickers in the distance! Will they find the strength to persevere? Or will their bones be added to the endless cascade of human remains that Skull Island leaves for posterity? Only acclaimed author ALEX COX and superstar artist TOMMASO BIANCHI know for sure — but soon all will be revealed!

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Kong : The Great War #3 Available August 23

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Author: Alex Cox


Flying thunder lizards! The King of Tyrannosaurs! Man-eating giant insects! The sailors of U-184 are trapped in a world beyond all reason, and the ape-god that rules this island hellscape stands on the horizon, waiting and watching as hot death pursues the doomed mariners across his kingdom. In this pulse-pounding tale written by ALEX COX and illustrated by TOMASSO BIANCHI, the shadows of Skull Island’s jungles offer no escape from the carnage — and rescue is only a fleeting dream!

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