Anger Born (Made by Monsters Book 1) by Alexis Eve Available April 4

Author: Alexis Eve

What would the magical world be like if you alone were magicless? Helpless. With no power to resist or defend yourself against beings who wished to enslave you?

It’s absolute hell.

Yet, somehow, I survived. Dragged from the edge of death by one made of shadows and pain. He awoke something dark and twisted inside me. Something that wanted nothing more than to taste the suffering of all who’d tormented women like me.

I was born from anger. Freed by death and fated love. And I will stop at nothing to make the monsters pay.

Anger Born is the first book in a dark, gripping, urban fantasy trilogy where vampires and wolves rule, and human women are left defenseless. Unique and gritty, it isn’t for the faint of heart. This story contains graphic violence, mentions of sexual abuse, steamy consensual sexy scenes with a devoted, alpha love interest, and a litany of triggering subjects that will make you uncomfortable and make you want to scream alongside our heroine.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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