Apocalypse by Jian Mu Zhao Available March 20

Author: Jian Mu Zhao

The war against the orks continues and I continue to relive my ancestors lives. As I collect the lives of my ancestors that are lost in space and time the universe begins to harmonize. I am the glue of the universe and without me even the multiverse will cease to exist. I get stronger and stronger as the battle against the Gort customs and practices continues. Many Ghetian fall and begin the practices that are abhorred of the orks. I fight the ork queen with her six arms and six breasts. Upon her death she is me and I am her, we are the beginning. Mechanaar come to rid the world of Geh of all living flesh things and then the time lords come and put us in shackles and then search other worlds to find more people suitable for their arenas.

On the brink of collapse, tensions rise as the water levels increase. What is thought to be a meteor releases the Others from the Otherworld and chaos begins to rise. The final war is coming. A war to end all wars upon a parallel Earth where the five horse girls destroy the world. Giants, Others, Vampires, Werecreatures and humans fight against five girls in an all or nothing war that leaves the world with chaos and destruction everywhere that the girls travel via the henges.

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