Apok: The Birth of Đavo by Adrian Lee Baker Available April 29

Author: Adrian Lee Baker

Set in 1991 against the prelude to war in Croatia, Apok is a dystopian view of an imperfect world on the brink, as seen through the eyes of the equally imperfect hero sent to save it. For he is the ultimate psychopath, a formidable, soon-to-be-invincible, death machine, an anomaly which science thought impossible yet which religion had always prophesied. Who said the next messiah would be from heaven and that the second coming hasn’t already happened? And what if the battle for humankind’s survival is just about to begin?

Apok is a thought-provoking horror-fantasy, an exhilarating tour de force of forbidden taboos and crippling addiction. It is the stuff of nightmares, a roller coaster ride through the darkest recesses of the human psyche, where demons and monsters from twilight dimensions rip your dreams apart. It takes you through the pain barrier to places none of us want to go but are still curious to explore despite the terror. Apok is about humanity’s failings and how our species is heading for oblivion; it is about one man’s incredible journey and his audacious plan to put things right.

As the plan unfolds, Apok travels through the horrors of a damaged mind and how humankind must first suffer in order to survive. The plan to spread the madness that drives men to do evil things; his mission to wage war on everyone and everything. For his mantra is ‘take no prisoners, dispense death to all and spare no one!’ Apok is the dawn of Hell on Earth …

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