Blood and Belladonna : Westwood Origins by J.D. Caren Available March 16

Author: J.D. Caren

“We are both in cages, you and I. Yours gilded and mine infinite, but cages all the same.” –Callum Dunn

The Westwood family of casters are the most powerful in all of Calame. Eirnen Westwood, the king, is determined to see to it their legacy not only stays intact but grows stronger with every generation. To do this, he carefully arranged strategic unions for his sons and daughters. His granddaughter, Camilla, his precious treasure, though promised to a man of power was coming into a power of her own which may prove too strong to relinquish.

Camilla Westwood sat in her tower and dreamt of friendship and love. Friendship came in the form of Callum Dunn, a caster from the village below who’d died and was now trapped inside Westwood Castle as a lost spirit, a ghost, only Camilla could see. While wandering unseen throughout the castle, Callum brought back to Camilla tales of deceit, torture, and murder committed by the grandfather she worshipped as a protector. As her power grows, she must decide who is an enemy and who is an ally.

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