Diabolical Dreamscapes by Leilanie Stewart Available April 5

Author: Leilanie Stewart

Reader beware! From the hallucinatory imagination of Leilanie Stewart, author of award-winning ghost horror novel, The Blue Man, comes twenty-one previously published short stories and flash fiction, now entombed between the covers of a new darkly themed collection.

In Part 1: Dark and Surreal Tales of Death…

…Corpses find new purposes in death while fated to walk the earth and surreal journeys of the afterlife abound, involving trips to far-reaching corners of the earth, the moon, or Venus during the last throes of life.

In Part 2: Strange and Hallucinatory Stories of the Mind…

…Cats, rabbits, dogs, birds and spiders have a role to play in these dreamlike journeys through the mind, helping the characters of each tale unravel their fears and anxiety, while facing their darkness, depression and demons.

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Dead Men Don’t Retire (Spirit of the Law Mysteries) by Lolli Powell Available April 5

Author: Lolli Powell

Shelby Wolfe’s life has gotten complicated—two eccentric aunts, too many attractive men, and too many roommates—both living and dead.

It’s winter in Goose Lick, and Shelby Wolfe is settling into her new home. Chief Jebediah Carpenter doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to move on, but when Lillian Harris, a local lawsuit-crazy woman, is stabbed to death with one of the café’s knives, Shelby is kind of glad Jeb is still around. Just hours before, the woman, Lil Harris, had stormed into the café and accused Shelby’s cousin, Red, of trying to poison her. During the ensuing argument, Red had a knife in his hand, the same knife that ended up being the murder weapon.

Since the murdered woman had sued nearly everyone in town and claimed to know things about people they would want kept secret, almost everyone in Goose Lick had a motive for wanting to see Lillian dead. But thanks to the argument and the knife, the police zero in on Red. Shelby knows her cousin wouldn’t have killed anyone, but she’s convinced someone is trying to set him up. She vows to prove his innocence by finding the real killer, and she has Chief Jeb Carpenter to help her.

After all, dead men don’t retire.

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Guy Fawkes: Demon Hunter : A Diabolical Plot by Benjamin Langley Available April 5

Author: Benjamin Langley

It’s time for Guy Fawkes to face his destiny.

Seeking allies to help combat England’s demons, Guy Fawkes fights all over Europe with friends old and new until an encounter with the King of Spain sends him into Africa to interrupt England’s supply of gunpowder. But in Morocco, Guy discovers a dangerous cult, the Children of Mizraim, who plan to corrupt the entire world with a demon plague. Battling against a resurrected nun, black cathedrals rising from the seas, and the Spanish Inquisition, Guy Fawkes travels farther than ever, facing greater dangers, on a path that eventually leads him back to England.

At home, England’s new king, James I, reigns over a population terrified of religious persecution. To end this oppression, Guy Fawkes joins a band of conspirators determined to change the world for the better. Will this explosive plot finally bring an end to England’s demon rule, or will diabolical forces thwart Guy’s plans once and for all?

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Rayne McRae by Jeff Wilson Available April 5

Author: Jeff Wilson

Beautiful desolation: Such a lovely place to disappear forever. Rayne McRae is a taut psychological thriller set in the seductive wilderness of British Columbia. With diversified and unforgettable characters, it pulls you into a story that gives a voice to the lost women of the Highway of Tears.

There is no exact count of the women missing from the infamous highway in British Columbia, Canada. Official reports state that nineteen girls have vanished since the first young victim disappeared in 1969 from a motel bar at Williams Lake. Jack Malchenko, a detective with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Prince Rupert, believes the total could be well over one hundred. He sees their faces every day on the wall in his office. The victims haunt his dreams. It drives Jack to keep searching the secluded logging trails for any evidence that might help give closure to the families who have lost their loved ones. During an investigation at the farm owned by serial killer Willie Pickton, health issues derailed his career. As the years pass, Jack continues working the highway cases as a private sleuth for hire until loving pressure from his wife, Angela, reaches a breaking point. She wants to spend their golden years together without the detective work getting in the way, so Jack finally agrees to hand over all the old case files to his former partner, Sam.

Everything changes when Rayne McRae, a beautiful high school girl from the Moricetown Reserve, goes missing and her life is put up for auction. The public cannot turn away from this sensational crime. They fixate on Rayne’s coral-green eyes, along with the tantalizing live video feed of her naked body tied in ropes. Rayne’s struggle for dignity compels sympathisers to vote for her salvation. As Jack gets pulled into this new mystery, a Cease and Desist order arrives from his former Mountie station, warning him of investigating anything else highway-related.

With his future and marriage on the line, Jack knows that if he wants to solve this newest abduction, he will have to trust Taima White Elk of the Kyuquot band for help. Taima was the best tracker available, but also Jack’s estranged father, who abandoned him as a child. Jack struggles with a decision until realizing there are hidden clues in the disturbing video of Rayne’s murder auction. They all connect back to the place where Jack barely survived; the farm of the most notorious killer in Canada’s history. Jack’s past nightmares were coming for him again.

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Nurse Alissa vs. the Zombies IX : Calm Before the Storm by Scott M. Baker Available April 5

Author: Scott M. Baker

Alissa and Chris survived the destruction of the underground nuclear storage bunker. Despite their injuries, they must escape and make their way home, a task easier said than done. Their journey will take them on a detour where Alissa’s nursing skills will be put to good use.

Now that Slade has acquired a nuclear warhead, the preparations are finalized for his assault on White Sands. Meanwhile, Nathan and the desert runners help President Martinetti set up defenses to stop Slade, fully aware the odds are against them.

As the stage is set for the conflict between both sides, relationships are strained, loyalties are tested, and circumstances arise that could alter the future.

Will Nathan and the desert runners be able to defeat Slade? Will Alissa and Chris make it back in time to be part of the final confrontation?

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Tales of the Macabre, Vol. 1 (Newton’s Macabre Tales) by Newton Webb Available April 5

Author: Newton Webb

Welcome to the debut collected works of Newton Webb. Tales of the Macabre is intended for mature audiences.

This book includes the following tales of creeping horror:

The Grimsdyke Ghouls In the 16th century, a family kicked out from their homes in Grimsdyke finds a new and murderous way to survive.

Smoke in the Sewers In 18th century London, a group of street urchins strive to escape their master. But in doing so they unleash a greater horror.

The Black Fog When the black fog rolls in, death follows. In 1950‘s Grimsdyke, two lovers encounter a horror unlike any other.

A Rose By Any Other Name A bank robber hiding out from the law, Dennis commits a heinous crime. Soon, he’ll learn to regret his actions.

Rock Bottom Aussie back packers come face to face with primal adversaries in the cold peaks of Nepal.

The Platinum Service When you have almost bottomless wealth, you can buy your way out of almost anything. But sometimes, actions come with unexpected consequences.

Festival of the Damned Four teenagers are hired to perform at a county fair, but they soon realise that they were each chosen for a very specific reason.

The Sinful Child Held captive in her father’s basement, Amelia struggles to escape. But reality isn’t always what it appears to be and soon she will learn an earth-shattering secret.

Terror from the Trash Climate change is a very real threat to the world, but scientists find new perils, as something long thought to be dead, awakens.

The Tattoo A hitchhiker and a lorry driver exchange tales on the road. Soon, they realise that neither of them is whom they claim to be.

The Tokoloshe In South Africa there exists a demonic entity that can make wishes come true, but the consequences cannot always be predicted.

The Heir Apparent Keen to support his parents’ failing farm, Keith asks his wealthy cousins for a position in the family firm. As he becomes more and more entrenched in the business, he discovers that limitless ambition can be murderous.

The Wrong Crowd Tim just wanted to apologise to his girlfriend, but soon finds himself in peril as he accidentally joins a very exclusive, very deadly club.

The Black Box Waking up from a coma after a severe accident. Jack finds it is better to read the small print when offering your body to medical science.

The Illusive Passenger In the distant future, a freighter captain picks up a most unusual cargo.

The Ghouls of Bangalore In outer space, greed and narcism still plague the human race. An engineer whose life is at its nadir learns a terrifying secret.

Newton’s Macabre Tale’s span continents, with stories from the 17th Century to the distant future, from Nepal to South Africa. Some of the stories contain elements of humour, of love, of passion, but all of them are imbued with soul shattering terror.

As you travel through time and space, you’ll witness horrific consequences, mind bending paranormal activities and good people who took the wrong turn.

Each story is unique and offers a different perspective. So cradle your drink, and get comfy, because you are about to pierce the veil and witness the true nature of horror!

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You Can’t Hide : 30 Tales of Terror by Blair Daniels Available April 5

Author: Blair Daniels

I found a note I don’t remember writing. It says ‘Don’t look under the bed.’

“ATTENTION SHOPPERS: Please hide at the back of the store immediately.”

I created a chatbot. It said some deeply disturbing things.

I was in a bus crash with five other passengers. After the crash, there were six.

You Can’t Hide brings you 30 terrifying tales for your darkest nights. This collection has every flavor of horror, from murderous husbands to malevolent doppelgangers, from terrifying photos to sinister board games. Read… if you dare.

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The Well (Samuel Small Horror Book 3) by Samuel Small Available April 5

Author: Samuel Small

For fans of The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror comes a terrifying new novel about a family haunted by the ghosts of their ancestor’s disturbing past.

The old well has always terrified Jacob. Even as a boy, he couldn’t go near it without feeling sinister eyes searing into his spine. Now he’s an adult, having returned to his old family home for a fresh start, and that feeling has only intensified. Worse yet, a sudden storm of paranormal activity has engulfed the house… and his young niece is in the eye of the storm.

Does Jacob have what it takes to face the insane horrors locked behind his childhood memories? Or will the sinister secrets of the past remain buried beneath the old well?

If you’re a fan of bone-chilling horror, spine-tingling tales, and sinister scares, allow acclaimed indie horror author Samuel Small to take you on a terrifying journey through the woods, to see what secrets lay hidden in the old well.

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Devil in Darkness (Shaded Falls Book 6) by E.J. King Available April 4

Author: E.J. King

Isabel Jones will do anything to protect the people she loves. That includes going to war against the Devil.

For decades, Shaded Falls has been affected by a curse that has turned its young adults into supernatural beings. When Isabel discovers a way to potentially reverse that curse, she learns a shocking truth about her family history that could change everything.

As Isabel struggles to understand her role in forever changing the Shaded Falls supernatural world, the Devil is determined to shut the gate to the Otherworld behind him. He will kill anyone who gets in his way and Isabel is willing to die to stop him.

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Days of Darkness by N.M. Lambert Available April 4

Author: N.M. Lambert

Sometimes water is thicker than blood.

Andre Robinson had never received a normal childhood. Being given a male name at birth and being taken away from her father at age one, she was forced into her mother’s overprotective care where she was rarely allowed to leave the house and endured a sugar-coated homeschooling experience. For ten years, she had questions about who her father was and periodically dreamt about him living with her and her mother in a secluded cabin in the woods. Yet whenever she brought up the topic of her father for discussion, her mother would evade it and send her away.

On the night of her eleventh birthday, an unfathomable accident led to the sudden death of her mother, and she was taken away from Ivanestible and put into her father’s custody. At first, her father seemed kind and loving, but lurking within his warm-colored human aura rested a color that was dark and sinister, almost black. For two years, she struggled to decipher what the dark part of his aura meant, which led to a truth that was more horrible than she imagined.

This is the first installment of Andre’s story before she got involved with Roseway.

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