Chivalrous Arts : Book 1: When Evil Rises Available April 24

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Author: Alex El Abbyss

A 16th Century Knight is transported to modern-day Texas, USA, via a catastrophic tragedy. He is the last of a long-lost legendary order known as the Animosus (Latin: courageous, brave, strong, ardent) Knights.

He carries with him all of the lost knowledge of the ancient world, the secrets of how to fully unlock the human mind’s inner potential, as well as how to craft powerful advanced weaponry and armor, all combined with a unique fighting style, collectively known as the Chivalrous Arts.

The New World he finds himself in is filled with dark cults, cryptid beasts, and demonic forces hellbent on humanity’s destruction, but he also finds that there might be some friends that can help out.

He’s able to make contact with a teenage girl, her brother, and their pet, a strange dog/cat-like creature.

They meet up just as all hell starts to break loose, and our adventure begins.

A beautifully inked and colored masterpiece, it’s an amazing,thrilling story with a stunning ending unlike anything else. Chivalrous Arts is a fun and exciting adventure!

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