Containment Room 7 by Bryan Hall Available March 15

Author: Bryan Hall

In a far corner of space, orbiting a massive black hole, the research ship DARC12 discovers a strange asteroid—one that seems to be alive. After loading the rock on board for study, the ship quickly descends into madness. It begins with voices, whispers filling the shadows and the minds of the crew. A once-sane man declares that their discovery is not just a rock, but a god. Then the killing begins, and a cult rises, swearing allegiance to their newfound deity. As the murders mount and the dead themselves begin to rise, a small group of survivors clings to the hope that they can somehow escape the hell they’ve been plunged into. But their problems escalate as they face an army of undead crewmembers, the reanimated corpses of hundreds of failed genetic experiments, the murderous cult, and—worst of all—the rapidly evolving creature in…

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