Asura Demon Claw 1 by Eady Coner Available April 1

Author: Eady Coner

Strong people tend to be alone. You are forced to stand unbeatable at the top by your will to overcome loneliness. Using Hua xia’s secret knowledge, the body metamorphosis scripture. Huang Xiao, a former Shaolin temple prodigy, was reincarnated into the martial arts spirit realm. Only individuals having Martial Spirit may be capable of cultivating warfighting qi and become conquerors in a world where martial arts are valued. At the tribe’s waking ritual, Huang Xiao, who was born with a heaven-defying exotic Martial Spirit, taken for a common variety Martial Spirit. Huwang Xiao, shocked the entire clan and the Martial Spirit World by continuously conquering geniuses with his common “genetic” Martial Spirit.

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