The Book of Supernatural Law: Blood Crimes by El Fisher Available January 1

Author: El Fisher

It’s time for Cambrook’s lovable but clumsy witch, Molly Giles, to prove that she can run The Board. Her first assignment is to take charge of an important and dangerous mission. There’s just one problem—Molly’s malfunctioning powers are more erratic than ever!

Thankfully her brother, Scott, will be there to keep her from cracking under the pressure. If anyone can keep her grounded, Scott can.

With a team of clever sorcerers, werewolves and vampires to back them up, Molly and Scott prepare to take on the terrifying, sadistic vampire, Jed Parsons. But none of them, not even the notoriously intimidating Smith brothers, are quite as prepared as they should be.

Jed’s cruelty and need for power has devastated the lives of many, and now he has his sights firmly fixed on Molly.

One of his past victims, Stella Knight, reaches out to The Board in a desperate plea to be freed from her tragic past, but how can they hope to help Stella now that Molly is missing? Even easy-going Scott will have to overcome some unforeseen challenges before he truly accepts his responsibility to The Board.

Blood Crimes will be committed. Much will be lost. Is there still hope that Molly can free herself from Jed’s brutality and maybe even save Stella as well?

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