Evil Judgment (1984) [Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray Promo Trailer]

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Aspiring young dancer Janet is desperate to leave her dead-end waitressing job – so, after a fight with her sleazy boyfriend Dino, and with the encouragement of her friend April, she decides to try her hand at prostitution. The two women set off to spend the night with one of April’s regular clients, a strange older man named Ron who lives in a vast, secluded old mansion. But before proceedings can get underway, the house is plunged into darkness and a razor-wielding assailant brutally slashes the throats of both Ron and April. Waking up the next day in a hospital bed, Janet attempts to relate the horrific events to grizzled Detective Armstrong, who dismisses her story as a drug-induced hallucination. However, as the mutilated corpses continue to pile up – and Armstrong continues to ignore the obvious – Janet and Dino attempt to uncover the truth, only to find themselves thrust into a nightmarish maze of murder, madness, and diabolical conspiracies.

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