Ghosts of the Tsar by H J Turner Available January 1

Author: H J Turner


Revolutionary fervour is rising. A terrible winter looms. And now the Tsar is being menaced by nightmares maddening as they are chillingly prophetic.

General Nadalia Brezna has been brought out of retirement to help. Travelling to the Tsar’s secluded dacha, Nadalia hopes to pay back her debts and right some of the wrongs of her bloodstained past. Yet Cazandra House holds horrors worse than even her lifetime of war.

As the days darken and the bodies pile up, as the past crimes of the Motherland and her own career rise to the fore, Nadalia must come to terms with a grim truth of the world and her bloody role in it.

Because the Motherland faces an abyss.

And the dead do not go quietly.

Dark and quietly cosmic, Ghosts of the Tsar draws from shadows of the past to ask questions of our future, and the fates we might change.

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