Greater Dangers by Gwendolyn Grimaldi Available January 1

Author: Gwendolyn Grimaldi

As winter encroaches on the city of Buffalo, New York, a familiar foe resumes his sinful work of hunting and murdering youthful males attending the local arts college, adding more names to the ‘Buffalo Boys’ victim list—although a new duo of detectives has been assigned to this infamous case, the sick man finds his attentions pulled elsewhere, a fateful meeting unconsciously arranged that leads him straight into the arms of an indifferent, masochistic yet captivating Classics student, Konstantin Nabokov. Bodies begin to pile up as winter swells to a shivering high, staining the season’s first snow with pools of red as the resolute detectives, Antonio Perez and Dominique Taylor inch closer and closer to uncovering the violent lovers, but the fates of Kostya and his beloved murderer remain in their own hands, and their hands alone.

A daring story portraying the horrors, hopeless philosophies, dark desires and violent urges of mankind, hidden beneath veils of poetic language capable of deceiving even the most tenacious of readers.

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