Hetgarib’s Curse (Blackwing Book 2) by C. M. Alongi Available March 17

Author: C. M. Alongi

Jinua is a paladin, granted powers by the gods and sent on missions to fulfill their desires in the mortal world.

Ontiku is a necromancer, hated by gods and mortals alike.

After their unlikely alliance against Enejel, the two follow the evil queen’s trail to the city of Capulstos, certain that they’ll go their separate ways as soon as the mission is complete–assuming they don’t kill each other, first. But what should be a fairly simple investigation gets complicated by the presence of a city-wide plague, caused by Hetgarib, the god of disease.

As Ontiku risks exposing himself as a hated necromancer and Jinua risks the wrath of the gods, the two find themselves once again unlikely allies. Though neither one knows whether this alliance–or their lives–will survive a city full of death, disease, and vengeance.

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