Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (The Book of Thrice Dead 3) by Joseph Sale Available March 1

Author: Joseph Sale

Four interconnected stories reveal the untold tales of the four horsemen of the apocalypse…

The Wasteland has fallen, the Prince is dead. Smiley has opened The Black Gate. The apocalypse spreads, overcoming more and more worlds.

In the Third Book of Thrice Dead four stories weave together to tell the tale of those heading towards Nekyia—The City of Lost Souls.

Story one: In ‘The Circle’, a desert of lies and illusions, a prophet, a cripple and a lycanthrope must come together to fight the Lord of Illusion, Yin. But even if they free themselves, to what other reality will they be borne?

Story two: Back on Earth in 2061, Facility 2-13 has gone into meltdown, threatening to release the hordes of mutants upon the Earth. They will wreak untold death and destruction if no one can hold them in check. The cause and the solution may ultimately lead us to only one place…

Story three: Before there was the Wasteland, people were disappearing from the streets of London. Cris’s wife is one of them. If he wants her back he must play a sick game with the Taking Man. But who this sick player of dark games is, and where Cris’s wife has been taken, are answers to questions that this world might not be able to provide…

And in story four, our universes collide in Nekyia, The City of Lost Souls, and one who was thought dead will rise.

Horsemen of the Apocalypse is the third epic instalment of The Book of Thrice Dead. A six part multiverse apocalypse, uniquely blending of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Think King’s Dark Tower meets Clive Barker’s The Great and Secret Show.

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