Cosmic Horror by James Donaldson Available March 15

Author: James Donaldson


Nash, against his will, is violently thrust into an ongoing struggle against mysterious, cosmic forces far beyond his human understanding. Traversing the globe, Nash and his team of unlikely allies race to defeat an evil, supernatural threat they know precious little about. From the forbidding halls of Arkham University, to deep under the plague-ridden Port of Innsmouth, to the peaks of the terrifying Mountains of Madness and more, Nash faces off against foe after foe on his seemingly impossible quest to save mankind from destruction. Overwhelmed, outmatched and outwitted, can the Corsair prevent a prophesied, eternal evil from erasing the universe, or is Nash out of time before he even begins?

The fourth Corsair Adventures novel from James Donaldson, inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, COSMIC HORROR, is a fantastical, action-adventure thriller of good versus evil versus an even greater evil. It’s an “…edge-of-your-seat tale of high adventure” and “…an exciting new reimagining of the Cthulhu mythos”!

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