The Maid Got My System by Joi Massat Available March 13

Author: Joi Massat

A fallen prince and his chaotic maid fight for survival with irons and fresh laundry in this weak-to-strong LitRPG adventure!

Prince Jacob is powerless. Systemless. Handy with a switchblade, but useless against the otherworldly Skills of assassins and kings. In a world where royalty should come with a system, his systemless condition makes him a sitting duck: he must bluff or die.

Getting saddled on a dangerous voyage with his maid Pip—ditzy, chirpy, and a little flirty—seems a fate worse than death until Jacob discovers that she has the power he needs…and she’s not giving it back. Teamed up against their will, they’ll have to battle rival royals and heavenly horrors, all while exploiting Pip’s Maid-Class skillset to turn the sweet serving girl into a death machine.

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