Pine and Merrimac #5 Available May 29

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Author: Kyle Starks

After Parker and Linnea finally discover the inner workings of what was once thought to be a seemingly quiet town, Linnea faces a soul-shattering heartbreak.

Are these their final days on the corner of Pine & Merrimac, or will Linnea take advantage of an unexpectedly sinister opportunity?

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Pine and Merrimac #3 Available March 6

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Author: Kyle Starks

Small town detectives Linnea and Parker have discovered something big and sinister, and they’re on the run… for their lives!

Unable to return home and without a safe corner to hide in, an unexpected figure offers a symbol of hope that may lead them somewhere…

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I Hate this Place Volume 2 Available October 10

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Author: Kyle Starks

The breakout hit horror series returns!

Trudy’s past comes back to haunt her, which wouldn’t be so bad if she and Gabby weren’t already literally haunted by unimaginable forces of evil on a daily basis. Can’t a gal catch a break?

The critically acclaimed team of Kyle Starks (Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton, Assassin Nation) and Artyom Toplin (Ice Cream Man Presents Quarantine Comix Special) conclude the horror series in a way you’ll never see coming!

Collects I HATE THIS PLACE #6-10

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Where Monsters Lie Available October 3

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Author: Kyle Starks

A brand-new meta-horror story that’s Cabin in the Woods meets Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

Haven’t you always wondered what slasher monsters—the masked home invasion family, the mindless unkillable monster, the serial killer trapped in a doll—what they do for those couple of years in-between their murder sprees? They’re at Wilmhurst—a gated community in the middle of nowhere where they relax—or try to—until they get the call to go out and kill again.

Connor Hayes survived his first slasher in summer camp. A handful of years later he barely escaped a psychopath who built torture puzzles for his victims. Since then he’s been training and planning for running into these creatures again. He’s a respected special agent. And now he knows where the monsters lie and he’s planning for war.

Collects Where Monsters Lie #1–#4.

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