Like a Blank Page by Lukas Allen Available April 2

Author: Lukas Allen

This is a horror story. When I tell you that you shouldn’t read this unless you have a strong stomach, I mean it. It is a fictitious story, but the main character is a cannibal, a serial killer, and the living dead. The main character. You will see many atrocities from Ysbel’s, the zombie’s, point of view, and this is the last warning to read something light and fluffy instead. All set? Then let’s take off the safety catch, and read something extreme.

The life of the living dead… Ahh, it can be so fresh, like the corpses of the gentle just dead, or the fresh soil on their coffins. Evil can be so zesty, like a spicy dish full of bloody habanero peppers. Evil has a sort of… smell, you may be familiar with. Evil is everywhere, and often found where you least expect it.

Ysbel is a woman whose face was eaten off, leading to her death, and brought to life by the unholy entity known only as the Lich. She comes into contact with evil mundane and unworldly, as she works with a demon known as Beleth to catch a murderer who is killing whores on the streets. In exchange for this soul, Beleth has promised Ysbel her murderer’s soul. Ysbel goes on the hunt, hungry for justice and human flesh, and lives again as unholy dead.

Ysbel has crossed the road, seen the other side, and found that, like a blank page, it is abyssally empty and full of possibilities as well.

I told you that you should have a strong stomach to read this book.

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