Blood Heat (The Vampire Blade Book 1) by M.W. Arita Available April 29

Author: M.W. Arita

“Kill Bill” meets “Blade” in this loose classic novel retelling of “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

Betrayed. Humiliated. Enslaved by vampires. Now it’s her turn to hunt them.

21-year-old college student Raven Alexander’s life is shattered when she’s betrayed by the person she trusted most.

Locked inside an inescapable supernatural prison and turned into a blood-sucking monster, Raven becomes the plaything of the vampire elites. If they have their way, she’ll be forced to fight and kill for their amusement for the rest of her (undead) life.

Just when she’s about to lose the last remnants of her hope and sanity, she hears whispers about a secret vampire-hunting organization whose base is hidden on a remote island. If she can somehow escape the inescapable prison, locate the base, and undergo the organization’s grueling training, she’ll become a force that can give even the vampires nightmares.

She will remember their names. And she will have her revenge.

Blood Heat is the first novel in M.W. Arita’s THE VAMPIRE BLADE, an action-packed new adult urban fantasy adventure filled with breath-taking twists and turns, steamy romance, and more vampires than you can shake a stake at! This book is a spin-off of the VAMPIREAPER series, but can be read and enjoyed as its own stand-alone story.

Buy now and find out how Raven becomes “The Vampire Blade” feared by the dark forces of the night!

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