Spark (Arche Saga Book 1) by Nicole Rasi Available January 3

Author: Nicole Rasi

Spark follows 20-year-old Antoinette Rossini, a circus performer, who must navigate through a world ravaged by a mysterious illness that left a portion of the population, including herself, with the power to conjure and control the four elements. Feared and loathed, this group, known as Arche, are hunted, imprisoned and made to battle to the death as entertainment for those the illness left unchanged. For years, Antoinette is able to stay hidden and safe until she meets August Marin, the circus’s newest magician and someone to whom she is inexplicably drawn. When August and Antoinette are forced to perform together, her power is inadvertently exposed, resulting in her capture. She is then made to use that power against other Arche in order to survive and keep her family safe, ultimately becoming an undefeated battle champion. Yet as she longs for escape from the life of blood and death she finds herself in, she is pitted against the last person she expects: August Marin. Now she must kill someone she has a profound and unexplainable connection to – not knowing that he has a plan of his own.

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