Of Spells and Swords by Tiffany Shand Available January 9

Author: Tiffany Shand

A former assassin teams up with a death fae and an orc to defeat a fearsome enemy.

Niamh Talesin left the Order of Blood for a fresh start and a chance to make up for her past deeds. As she searches for her place in the world, she struggles to let go of what she has done. When an old friend calls her for help and warns of people dying, Niamh knows she’ll have to act fast.

When the realms are threatened, can she and an unlikely ally stand against darkness?

There’s a dangerous new immortal raining destruction down on everyone who gets in their way, but Niamh refuses to back down. She knows her abilities and the help of a death fae are needed if they are to survive.

But as the past catches up with her, Niamh wonders if she has the strength to defeat them, or will she perish instead?

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