Elemental Empire 5 by Peter North Available March 13

Author: Peter North

One Emperor. Two Paths. A Battle for the Fate of the Realms.

On Midsummer’s Eve, Emperor Illdrian, suspected madman and ruler of the Five Realms will pass the scepter of power to a new heir.

It should be me, Loghann Grenwyld, lost prince of the empire. I have fought tooth and nail to arrive in the High Plains before Drakkus, Lord of Chaos, usurps my rightful place as emperor.

And I have arrived with the magical priestesses of the realms and their armies at my back. If Drakkus thinks I’m giving up my right to the scepter without a fight, he’s got another thing coming.

But he’s not the only one who wishes to see me fail. The High Fae Queen, Everleigh–liege of the immortal realm–also wants my head on a platter.

Order and Chaos, united against me. Two paths, each calling to my power, each yearning for my destruction. To choose between the two would be certain doom.

So I choose both, Order and Chaos. I will rule it all.

Why be an emperor, when I can be a god?

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